Good Bye 2021, Welcome 2022

We all have been eagerly waiting the end of 2020 and then 2021, hoping that they would take Covid19 away with them.. Over the years, we all started to realize that probably nothing will be like it was before and that the virus would probably stay some more, if not, forever by our sides. Little did we imagine, let alone prepare ourselves, for such an occurrence. As humans, we mostly thought that we were invincible, that we had technology and science which could solve any equation that would come disturbing our ways. Alas!

Irrespective of our reading, Covid19 has changed everything, causing irreversible damage to many families, businesses and social life. All along, many have developed greater minds; some are now experts in vaccination, others in conspiracy theorists, and many are now neo-anarchists. At the end, many have simply woken up from a passive life.

What we all need above good wishes is a sense of responsibility as humans. It is time to give some consideration (the least you can) to aspects of human life beyond business, money and material. Our environment and mostly our humanity comes to first thoughts.

Let us all give hope to ourselves. Let us do those little things which cost nothing yet add a stone in the construction of a better world. Let us be humans, simply!

Gibson & Hills Group wishes you all the best for 2022. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe

In memory of those we have lost in the battle (mostly the volunteers and front-liners), we refrain ourselves from posting any festive photos.